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Computed tomography

The Medicales centers offer their patients 2 latest generation CT equipment.

A computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic imaging method that uses X-rays to make detailed images of body structures.

Computed tomography allows high-quality images with high accuracy in a very short time, in order to rapidly obtain a correct diagnosis.

Computed tomography (CT) can examine each segment of the body like the head, the neck, the chest, abdomen, pelvis and limbs. Allows studying in detail the various organs of the body, like the liver, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, bladder, adrenal glands, lungs and heart. Also, blood vessels, bones and spinal cord can be studied.

Last generation General Electric CT Optima 660 with 64 Slices equipment is the perfect solution for expanding the clinical exploration capabilities, from simple to complex, due to outstanding scanning speed and options that comes with the device.

The device is equipped with a modern technology to reduce administered radiation dose to the patient. options as Smart Dose, 3D mA modulation, Organ dose modulation helps lowering administered patient dose.

Designed for performance and patient care, the Philips MX16 CT system has the lowest index of CT dose while maintaining image quality at the highest standards through a high spatial resolution and unique imaging acquisition matrix of 1024 x 1024 pixels.

Examination table is sturdy and reliable, allowing comfortable and precise positioning of any type of patient, being helpful for overweight people.