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Medicales centers offer their patients 6 latest generation MRI equipment.

The SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition magnetic resonance system, produced by General Electric in 2021, combines the power of a 3.0 Tesla field strength magnet with the latest technologies in magnetic resonance imaging, providing the safety of a diagnosis with the highest level of accuracy. SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition is the first magnetic resonance system in Romania that has image reconstruction technology using artificial intelligence – AIR Recon DL. This guarantees a much clearer image in a shorter time, compared to classic image reconstruction technologies. Also, the system is equipped with the lightest and most flexible antenna in the world – AIR Coil – it has a design that allows it to adapt to the human body like a comfortable blanket, considerably improving the patient’s comfort during the examination and, at the same time, obtaining a much better signal, respectively high quality images and short examination times.
The SIGNA Voyager magnetic resonance system (Izvor clinic), produced by General Electric in 2018, revolutionizes medical imaging. Equipped with TDI (Total Digital Imaging) technology, Signa Voyager offers an exceptional quality of the acquired images, being clearly superior to the classic magnetic resonance systems. This system increases the productivity of the medical imaging department, and through its 70 cm aperture and the antennas that use the latest technologies, ensure increased patient comfort. The new SIGNA Works platform redefines productivity for all acquisition techniques available on the magnetic resonance system. The standard applications available on the Signa Voyager system represent an extensive set of high quality and high efficiency capabilities that allow obtaining the desired results for the entire area of ​​examinations (neurology, body, cardiovascular, orthopedics, senology, oncology, pediatrics). MRI System SIGNA Explorer 1.5T (Riverside 1 and Burghele2 clinics), manufactured by General Electric, sets new standards in medical imaging. The Magnet homogeneity and advanced available technologies contributes to consistently achieving high image quality and delivers enhanced patient comfort GE Signa Explorer System by its READY Brain option, offers images of the highest quality in neurological studies. Regarding the spine, the ability to scan large areas and the motion correction techniques allow acquisition of clear images, resistant to artifacts caused by patient motion and by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The device is equipped with IDEAL software designed specifically for scanning difficult regions such as the neck and spine, where ordinary scanning techniques fail because inhomogeneous magnetic fields.

Built with SIGNA DNA, the pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging, SIGNA Creator (Riverside 1 and Riverside 2 clinics) provides exceptional image quality and ensures detailed clinical information, using advanced software such as motion artifact correction.

An MRI scan is a painless technique that has the advantage of avoiding the use of X-rays and radiation exposure. There are no known side effects of MRI scans. The benefits of MRI scans refers to accuracy in detecting structural abnormalities, composition and functioning of the body and can be repeated as many times as needed without contraindications.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) allows the visualization of the smallest details in the human body, without the use of X-rays. MRI advantages: – Non-hazardous to the human body; – Detect very small lesions – 1mm, allowing a high diagnostic accuracy. Equipment used in our centers are top class nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, being equipped with the latest investigations software that enable high fidelity examination of all anatomical regions of the body in a very short time.