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Ultrasound Info

Ultrasound (Ecography) is a more and more widespread imaging technique, with no diagnosis of many medical and surgical conditions today unthinkable. It is a “real-time” diagnostic method based on the differential transmission of ultrasound through various types of tissue.

The ultrasound technique is non-invasive to the human body, therefore it is repeatable whenever it is needed to monitor a patient and has become an extremely useful tool for the clinician.

Ultrasound can be performed on all parenchymal organs, does not require special patient preparation, making possible a diagnosis of high accuracy in a wide range of diseases.
Modern ultrasonic equipment, even if it is quite expensive, allows ultrasound exploration to be one of the most important, safe and fast research.

Ultrasound General Electric equipment, from MedicalES Centre allow complex ultrasonic explorations, on numerous anatomical segments: -abdominal ultrasound – standard navigation recommended in liver, biliary, renal tract, pancreas or genital pathology – using convex transducers or special transducer for intracavitary ultrasound; -using linear transducer can explore thyroid, mammary gland, being able to perform soft tissue ultrasound, and vascular ultrasound (neck vessels and peripheral vessels) using color Doppler and power Doppler techniques;
ultrasound Exploring in pregnancy has reached an unimaginable degree of accuracy until few years ago. 3D / 4D Techniques useing a special type of transducer installed in our equipment, allowing on the one hand the progress on pregnancy at an early age, early detection of certain fetal malformations, and on the other hand, revelation of morphological details in real time that practically allows parents to “know their fetus” before his birth; -echocardiography – using all modern techniques: B mode, color Doppler and pulsed has become an indispensable part of a complete cardiology checkup.

At the MedicalES Izvor center, ultrasound investigations are performed with top-of-the-range ultrasounds produced by General Electric. Voluson E6 is the most powerful ultrasound scanner, ultra-specialized in 3D / 4D examinations and has the most advanced hardware and software technologies to obtain spectacular images with your future baby, since first trimester of pregnancy. The ultrasound is also equipped with the most advanced probe technology for examining the breast and soft tissue – which gives a precise resolution in terms of anatomical details of the breast, musculoskeletal regions or soft parts.
The VividT8 Pro echocardiograph is ultra-specialized for cardiovascular examinations, offering the clearest imaging details of the heart and vascular system, with state-of-the-art technologies such as DopplerTisular that allows the evaluation of global systolic cardiac function.


Ultrasound upper abdomen:

To get a good view of organs / vessels it is recommended:

  • Do not eat and do not drink coffee or soda with 6:00 before the investigation;
  • You can drink plain water (one glass)
  • The day before the Investigation take the following medications:
  • Sab Simplex or Espumisan: 1 tablespoon in the evening before the examination and 1 tablespoon 3 hours before the examination;
  • Debridat, tablet 100 mg: 1 tablet x 3 / day.

Ultrasound lower abdomen (pelvis)
In order to get a better view of the organs / vessel, it is recommended:

  • Do not eat and do not drink coffee or sodas with 6 hours before the investigation;
  • 1 hour before the investigation drink 1 liter of table water within 30 minutes and not urinate, even if you have this feeling; so, the bladder will be full during the investigation.
  • The day before the Investigation, take the following medications:
  • Sab Simplex or Espumisan: 1 tablespoon in the evening before the examination and 1 tablespoon 3 hours before the examination;
  • Debridat, tablets 100 mg: 1 tablet x 3 / day.

MedicalES Izvor clinic has a cardiotocograph General Electric Corometrics 172 manufactured in 2017 , giving expectant mothers the opportunity to perform non fetal tests -stres . The Corometrics 172 system is an extremely precise equipment and can also be used for twin pregnancies.

The non-stress fetal test ( NST or cardiotocogram ) is a non-invasive test performed to assess the health of the fetus, especially in high-risk pregnancies and involves monitoring fetal heart rate, fetal movements and changes in heart rate during fetal movements. The purpose of electronic fetal monitoring for prenatal testing is to differentiate between the fetus, which tolerates the intrauterine environment well, and the fetus, which may be endangered and which requires further evaluation or birth.