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The MRI examination in endometriosis is especially dedicated to the preoperatory evaluation of profound endometriosis that has to follow the clinical and ecographic examination. A qualitative examination needs to offer the surgeon a detailed map of the lesions. This process begins with a good communication between the gynecologist and the medical imagist and continues with a comprehensive conversation between the medical imagist and the patient. Knowledge of the patient’s symptoms is of great use for the orientation of the patient’s examination protocol. The instillation of intravaginal and intrarectal gel relaxes the cavities, allowing for a clearer visualization of the walls and potential nodes of endometriosis, with the possibility of evaluating the depth of the infiltration zone. Using the contrast offered by the gel we can obtain a clearer delimitation of the peritoneal recesses (recto-vaginal and vesico-vaginal recess). Additionally, the presence of the gel reduces the presence of peristaltic artifacts. MRI examination with a protocol dedicated towards the diagnosis of endometriosis is not limited solely to the instillation of gel in the vaginal and rectal cavities. It is an examination that needs to be adapted for every patient, according to the specific finding of suspected lesions following the patient’s clinical examination and medical history. In our medical clinic, the investigation always occurs in the presence of a specially trained medical examinator, being adapted in real time in order to obtain the best visualization of the lesions caused by endometriosis. Having particular care for our patients’ comfort, we have been able to create a protocol that gives us a superior quality of images in a reduced time of examination. At the end of the examination, our patients benefit from a discussion with our specially trained medical radiologist. During this discussion, the radiologist offers detailed explanations based on the images obtained. We understand the complexity of this pathology and the potential long road towards a precise diagnosis and treatment for all of our patients that come from Romania and across the world. In response to this, MedicalES, with the support of our entire team, is offering the patient a pleasant experience that embodies professionalism, comfort and kindness, leading to a more effective examination.

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