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About us

MedicalES Servicii de Sanatate Premium is a Romanian company founded in 2011.

We have an experienced team, of highly trained professionals and fully dedicated to the patient.

Because we are a company that provides medical imaging services we want to offer our patients high technology equipment, that’s why we have invested in last years in the newest devices on the market.

Also, knowing that some patients may experience anxiety about performing imaging investigations, we have continuously invested in creating an exquisite ambience in our centers to enhance patient comfort.

What has become a MedicalES emblem is the distinguished illuminating system of our centers where magnetic resonance investigations. For comfort of patients we have invested in a specifically designed system for us.

Our physicians are committed to ongoing professional training, and are therefore constantly involved in training courses in external programs.

Company management is a team with great experience in the private sector and absolutely dedicated to patient needs.

Our goal is to continuously improve in order to give the patient the correct diagnosis, so we will continue to invest in equipment brands in preparing permanent our staff and in an environment, that helps the patient overcome any fears regarding his investigations.

Because we really want to help our patients and we feel absolutely responsible for 25,000 patients annually visiting and trusting us.