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Riverside 2 Clinic

We are waiting for you in our new clinic, Riverside 2, where we have 2 state-of-the-art General Electric MRI machines, one of wich is 3T, brand new both.
We are waiting for you in an even more generous space than the ones we are already used to, as pleasant and comfortable for patients as are all the MedicalES locations and where our General Electric 1.5 T and 3 T devices (a device that brings something unique to Romania) were installed in May 2021.
As we have always done in the 10 years of MedicalES, we have permanently invested only in the new, state-of-the-art equipment that we make available to our patients because health is the most important thing.
The last year has made us realize more than ever how important it is to take care of ourselves before anything else.
We thank all the patients who have trusted us over the years and who, through the fidelity with which they honor us, have motivated us to provide them with the latest MRI equipment on the market. Thank you for feeling safe with us in these difficult times and we assure you that our patients and our MedicalES team are the ones who motivate us in everything we do.
  • Address:   Splaiul Independentei nr. 291-293, Riverside Tower building (former building of the City Hall), sector 6, Bucuresti
  • STB:
    • 1, 10, 11, 35 – station “Pod Grozavesti”
    • 105 – from Valea Oltului (Dr. Taberei) “Sos Orhideelor” station
    • 105 – from Piata Presei Libere “Grozavesti Bridge” station
    • 601 – from Lake Morii station “Economu Atanasie Stoicescu”
    • 601 – from Rosetti Square “Camin U 4” station
  • Phone:  031.405.75.79 / 031.405.75.80 / 031.805.21.86
  • Mobile:  0755.060.991
  • E-Mail:
  • Services:
    • MRI
    • MRI
    • Neurology
    • Ultrasound
The SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition magnetic resonance system, produced by General Electric in 2021, combines the power of a 3.0 Tesla field strength magnet with the latest technologies in magnetic resonance imaging, providing the safety of a diagnosis with the highest level of accuracy. SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition is the first magnetic resonance system in Romania that has image reconstruction technology using artificial intelligence – AIR Recon DL. This guarantees a much clearer image in a shorter time, compared to classic image reconstruction technologies. Also, the system is equipped with the lightest and most flexible antenna in the world – AIR Coil – it has a design that allows it to adapt to the human body like a comfortable blanket, considerably improving the patient’s comfort during the examination and, at the same time, obtaining a much better signal, respectively high quality images and short examination times. For brain examinations, the SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition system uses artificial intelligence to prescribe the entire examination – AIR X – thus ensuring shortened examination time, correct image acquisition, consistency of results and correct repeatability of the examination. SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition has the ability to intelligently select the antennas and antenna elements needed to perform the examination – AIR Touch technology – using the best combination of them, customizing each examination according to the clinical need of each patient. Equipped with TDI (Total Digital Imaging) technology, the SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition offers exceptional quality of the acquired images, being clearly superior to the classic magnetic resonance systems. This system increases the productivity of the medical imaging department, and through its 70 cm diaphragm and antennas that use the latest technologies ensure increased comfort for the patient. The new SIGNA Works platform redefines productivity for all acquisition techniques available on the magnetic resonance system. The standard applications available on the SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition system represent an extensive set of high quality and high efficiency capabilities that allow obtaining the desired results for the entire examination area (neurology, body, cardiovascular, orthopedics, senology, oncology, pediatrics). SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition turns scanning into a patient-free experience. They can breathe freely thanks to the Auto Navigator technology that is compatible with the Turbo LAVA and Turbo LAVA Flex sequences, thus allowing a complete abdomen examination, with free breathing, including in the case of contrasting sequences. Using Propeller technology, the SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition system allows the purchase of motion-free artefacts for the whole body, thus reducing the patient’s stress dose. Inhance Suite and 3D ASL applications allow the acquisition of angiography and perfusion images without the need to inject patients with contrast agent, thus eliminating the risks associated with this type of examination, as well as the discomfort caused to patients due to the injection. Using the Dixon technique, available for body, musculoskeletal, breast, spine imaging (Ideal Flex, Lava Flex, Vibrant Flex), it is possible to acquire four different contrasts in a single scan, thus reducing the time required for examinations and, implicitly, the time spent by the patient inside the magnetic resonance system. AW VolumeShare 7 Workstation The AW VolumeShare 7 multi-mode workstation is the most complex and modern post-processing station available on the market. The optimized software and the high computing power offer the doctor the necessary help for the correct evaluation of the patients. Patient relaxation system Providing music during an exam is recognized as the most useful way for relaxation for patients. This system ensures a high quality stereo signal and offers total patient comfort. Built with SIGNA DNA, the pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging, SIGNA Creator, produced in 2021, offers exceptional image quality and ensures detailed clinical information, using advanced software such as correction of motion artifacts.