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Pantelimon Clinic

  • Address:   Splaiul Independentei nr. 291-293, Riverside Tower building (former building of the City Hall), sector 6, Bucuresti
  • STB:
    • 1, 10, 11, 35 – station “Pod Grozavesti”
    • 105 – from Valea Oltului (Dr. Taberei) “Sos Orhideelor” station
    • 105 – from Piata Presei Libere “Grozavesti Bridge” station
    • 601 – from Lake Morii station “Economu Atanasie Stoicescu”
    • 601 – from Rosetti Square “Camin U 4” station
  • Phone: 031.425.79.90 / 031.426.09.02
  • Mobile: 0725.060.993 / 0751.060.998
  • E-Mail:
  • Services:
    • MRI
    • Ultrasound

PANTELIMON CLINIC is located in Sos. Pantelimon nr. 301, Sector 2, Bucuresti (vis-a-vis of “Sf. Pantelimon” Hospital), where we offer the opportunity to conduct Nuclear Magnetic Resonance investigations. In this location we provide our patients Phillips Multiva 1,5T equipment. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a diagnostic technology for high-performance image allowing a view inside the human body without negative implications of diagnostic imaging with ionizing radiation. A magnetic resonance examination can be a cause of anxiety for some patients, then the environment is very important. In this regard, Philips has equipped the Multiva 1.5T system with flared opening of the scanning tunnel, focusing on creating a relaxing atmosphere. The MRI system Multiva Philips 1.5T has a high homogeneity and the largest field of view (FOV of 53 cm) of all systems. It also provides a powerful system of gradients and a large anatomical coverage (215 cm) – the widest scan field. Philips image quality, workflow and patient comfort have been the determining factors in choosing the best technology. The system architecture allows the generation of short and complex radio frequency pulses, even during the examination of overweight patients with oversized anatomy – maintaining impeccable resolution and signal integrity. Multiva is equipped with Philips technology, renowned for its speed, reliability and clinical skills, offering patients an effective examination, and doctors a reliable diagnosis. The technologies to improve the workflow allow a remarkable reduction of examination time by 40%, thereby ensuring the patient’s comfort:

  • The examination of the entire spine without repositioning the patient or without the use of additional antennas.
  • Diagnostics for abdominal and pelvic images in combination with posterior antenna elements HST (HeadSpineTorso): does not require patient positioning because the Torso Antenna has a 50 cm coverage.

All orthopedic imaging can be performed with the remaining rear HST antenna on the table.Philips is the first producer of RM systems which introduced parallel imaging technique. SENSE technology is compatible with all antennas and clinical applications, providing fast and quality exams translated into tailored clinical improvements. Multiva 1.5 T with 8 SENSE parallel imaging channels allows faster procedures for examining up to 8 times so most routine examination protocols can be performed within 10 minutes.

  • Increased spatial resolution
  • Increased temporal resolution
  • Increasing anatomical coverage
  • Contrast improvement
  • Reducing artifacts including patient motion
  • Reducing scanning time
  • Acoustic noise reduction

Philips has accepted the challenge to continue the revolution started in MR imaging through developing a system of magnetic resonance imaging 1.5 T with a high clinical performance, tailored to each patient: Multiva 1.5 T. scanning software, planning, visualization, processing and patient data management combines elements of connectivity and supports excellent performance of clinical diagnostic imaging and workflow. Multiva 1.5 T combines the latest and most advanced technologies in magnetic field imaging to obtain a competent clinical diagnosis, trustworthy, fast and reliable. The System configuration contains a series of antennas for obtaining high-quality images, while ensuring flexibility in their use by the possibility of connecting multiple antennas.

  • Antenna for brain studies has an opening large enough to allow the patient positioning headphones system that ensures noise reduction during examination.
  • Antenna for brain studies tilts to enhance patient comfort.
  • Flexible antennas (adapts to the anatomic examined region) with large number of items have low weight, are easily positioned, ensuring excellent image quality and patient comfort.

Multiva 1.5 T integrates new Philips technologies and ambitious ideas, well combining both routine exams and advanced clinical applications The system allows routine and complex neurology studies (spectroscopy, tractography), orthopedics, oncology, magnetic resonance anigografy and breast exams. iPatient is an advanced software platform available on Multiva 1.5 T system offering control over an imaging modalities that gives top priority to the unique characteristics of each patient. iPatient adapts to the patient’s anatomy and physiology, controlling everything from the planning of the antennas used to image processing, providing a comfortable experience and efficient examination. Image quality, complete solution for clinical applications and spools, along with a strong gradient system, make Multiva 1.5 T magnetic resonance system a modern equipment with the highest efficiency in clinical diagnosis.