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Burghele 2 (RMN) Clinic

  • Address:   Sos. Panduri nr.20,  Sector 5,  Bucharest (inside “Th. Burghele” Hospital)
  • STB: bus  122, 136, 226 – station “Spitalul Dr. Burghele”;                bus   385 – station “Soseaua Panduri”
  • Phone: 031.426.03.14 / 031.426.03.15
  • Fax: 031.426.03.16
  • Mobile: 0755.060.999
  • E-Mail:
  • Services:
    • MRI

signa-explorer MedicalES center Burghele 2 (MRI) is located inside Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele hospital, where we offer the opportunity to conduct Magnetic Resonance Nuclear investigations. In this location we provide our patients the latest generation equipment General Electric SIGNA Explorer 1.5T, produced in 2016. The MRI system produced by General Electric Signa Explorer, sets new standards in medical imaging. The Magnet homogeneity and advanced available technologies contributes to consistently achieving high image quality delivers enhanced patient comfort, and also helps improve workflow and simplify operations. The GE Signa Explorer System through READY Brain option provides high-quality images in neurological studies. Regarding the spine, the ability to scan large areas and the motion correction techniques allow acquisition of clear images, resistant to artifacts caused by patient motion and by the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The device is equipped with IDEAL software designed specifically for the scanning of difficult regions such as the neck and spine, where ordinary scanning techniques fail because of inhomogeneous magnetic fields. Using non-invasive technology, CARTIGRAM, the equipment can evaluate the extracellular cartilage matrix. The equipment allows obtaining clear images in musculoskeletal studies even in patient movement. Furthermore, using advanced software MAVRIC SL high quality images are obtained when scanning soft tissue or bone tissue, even in the vicinity of implants compatible with magnetic resonance system. Due to the exceptional quality of the images, an improved workflow, reducing scan time and attention to patient comfort, SIGNA Explorer ensures a medical examination at the highest standards.