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MedicalES centers offer complex services including radiology and medical imaging: MRI, Computerized Tomography, Osteodensitometry and Ultrasound. The Clinics staff is composed from academicians, medical practitioners and specialists offering highly professional services. The Management is a team with extensive experience in management.

Due to the major investments in recent years, MedicalES clinics have the most advanced and new medical imaging equipment, providing patients with 6 MRI devices and 2 CT scans.

Riverside 2 Clinic is located in Splaiul Independentei no. 291-293, Riverside Tower Building, Sector 6, where we have 2 state-of-the-art General Electric MRI machines, produced in 2021, one of which is 3T.

The SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition magnetic resonance system, produced by General Electric in 2021, combines the power of a 3.0 Tesla field strength magnet with the latest technologies in magnetic resonance imaging, providing the safety of a diagnosis with the highest level of accuracy.
SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition is the first magnetic resonance system in Romania that has image reconstruction technology using artificial intelligence – AIR Recon DL. This guarantees a much clearer image in a shorter time, compared to classic image reconstruction technologies.

Also, the system is equipped with the lightest and most flexible antenna in the world – AIR Coil – it has a design that allows it to adapt to the human body like a comfortable blanket, considerably improving the patient’s comfort during the examination and, at the same time, obtaining a much better signal, respectively high quality images and short examination times.

RIVERSIDE CLINIC 1  is located in Splaiul Independentei no. 291-293, Riverside Tower Building, Sector 6, where we provide patients with two state-of-the-art General Electric MRI machines for performing magnetic resonance investigations at the highest technological level. Magnet homogeneity and advanced technologies which has the SIGNA Explorer system, produced by General Electric, offers the security of a quick examination, with the best quality clinical information and ensures the total comfort of the patient. The low noise emission during operation and equipment with the patient relaxation system considerably reduces the discomfort created by the classic magnetic resonance systems. Built with SIGNA DNA, the pioneer of magnetic resonance imaging, SIGNA Creator provides exceptional image quality and ensures detailed clinical information, using advanced software such as motion artifact correction.

IZVOR CLINIC is located in the center of Bucharest, with headquarters in Str. IZVOR Nr.92-96, building Forum III, Sector 5. Our radiology-medical imaging laboratory is equipped with the latest General Electric: generation: MRI General Electric SIGNA VOYAGER 1,5T, CT General Electric Optima 660, General Electric OSTEODENSITOMETRY Lunar Prodigy Advance, ULTRASOUND General Electric Logiq P5. General Electric SIGNA Voyager equipped with TDI (Total Digital Imaging) technology, it offers an exceptional quality of the acquired images, being far superior to the classical magnetic resonance systems. This system increases the productivity of the medical imaging department, and by its 70 cm aperture and the antennas using the latest technologies, it provides increased comfort to patients. Last generation General Electric CT Optima 660 with 128 Slices equipment is the perfect solution for expanding the clinical exploration capabilities, from simple to complex, due to outstanding scanning speed and options that comes with the device. The device is equipped with a modern technology to reduce administered radiation dose to the patient. Options as Smart Dose, 3D mA modulation, Organ dose modulation helps lowering administered patient dose.

BURGHELE 1 (CT) CLINIC is located inside “Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele” Hospital sos. Panduri nr. 20, sector 5, Bucharest. In this clinic, we have the latest Philips CT MX16 device. Designed for performance and patient care, the MX16 system has the lowest index of CT dose while maintaining image quality at the highest standards through a high spatial resolution and unique imaging acquisition matrix of 1024 x 1024 pixels. Examination table is sturdy and reliable, allowing comfortable and precise positioning of any type of patient, being helpful for overweight people.

BURGHELE 2 (RMN) CLINIC is located inside Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele Hospital, offering the opportunity to conduct Nuclear Magnetic Resonance investigations. In this location, we offer our patients the latest generation equipment General Electric SIGNA Explorer 1.5T, produced in 2016. GE Signa Explorer System by its READY Brain option, offers images of the highest quality in neurological studies. The device is equipped with IDEAL software designed specifically for scanning difficult regions such as the neck and spine, where ordinary scanning techniques fail because inhomogeneous magnetic fields.

MedicalES centers offers services to both CNAS insured patients, and those uninsured, the clinics being in contractual relationships with a number of hospitals. The professionalism, elegant ambience of our centers and particularly the respect we treat each patient is what characterizes us. MedicalES centers have contract with C.A.S.M.B. . For services unsettled by C.A.S.M.B. and for uninsured patients, payment is made according to the clinic tariffs. The entire medical activity is certified in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001: 2008 for medical imaging.