Prof. Dr. Vladimir Ene

University Lecturer, Consultant Radiologist

Prof. Dr. Ene has been a University Lecturer since 2005, with an important teaching activity since 1985.

He is part of the teachers’ staff in the first training center for competence in CT – the Medical Imaging Service of the Fundeni Clinical Hospital, since 1984.

With an important professional and intellectual activity, Professor Dr. Ene stands out for the following:

  • initiator of subspecialty imaging education with practice and training of radiologists in neuroradiology (Colentina Clinical Hospital), urogenital and musculoskeletal imaging (Sf. Ioan Clinical Hospital)
  • founding member of the first CT group within the Radiology Society of Romania, in 1987
  • founding member of the Romanian Magnetic Resonance Society, 2006
  • founding member of the European Society of Thoracic Radiology
  • initiator and creator of modern CT and MRI investigation programs in pulmonary pathology, gynecological pathology, temporomandibular joint pathology, prostate pathology, and pathology of the lumenal organs of the digestive tube
  • the first user of a 3T MRI installation and the “whole body MRI Diffusion with body subtraction” examination – similar to CT-PET

Apart from the previously mentioned areas of diagnostic imaging expertise, Prof. Dr. Ene is specialized in imaging examinations (MRI and CT) which cover the entire range of pathological situations.

Based on a vast clinical experience, as a result of over 40 years of activity in clinical hospitals, Prof. Dr. Ene has a strong and direct collaboration with clinicians in all medical specialties.

The knowledge that results from his own experience and the collaboration with other clinicians, allow him an accurate diagnostic approach and a clear dialogue with the patients.