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Dr Paltanea Cristina

Dr. Cristina Păltănea

Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Cristina Păltănea is a Consultant Radiologist. The residency period at the Fundeni Clinical Institute gave Dr. Păltănea the opportunity to familiarize herself with oncological pathology and then to specialize in oncological imaging diagnosis.

The area of competence of Dr. Păltănea includes:

  • magnetic resonance – brain, abdomen and pelvis, pituitary gland, orbits, facial mass, cervical region, musculoskeletal examinations, bone pelvis, joints;
  • computer tomography – cerebral, cervical, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic;
  • standard radiology for adults – interpretation of pulmonary X-ray, bone system, abdominal X-ray, barite transit examination, Pansdorff examination;
  • adult ultrasound – cervical, axillary, abdominal, pelvic.


Dr. Păltănea’s experience in cerebral and musculoskeletal imaging investigations harmonizes with her empathy, and the high-performance equipment completes and makes the diagnostic process an accurate one.

We are proud to have had Dr. Păltănea by our side for 8 years, during which many patients have become close to our hearts, after the first interaction with Dr. Păltănea. The imaging of cerebral pathologies, in which the doctor excels, involves long-term monitoring of the patient so the doctor-patient relationship must be based on trust and mutual respect.

Patients will always find support in Dr. Păltănea, because the radiologist’s role is not only to interpret some images but also to guide the patients on the path to healing and to offer them support when they need it.