Am deschis o nouă clinică – Riverside 3



Since we want to offer complete health services, we offer patients the opportunity to perform neurological consultations with reputable specialists in the field.

Our doctors which are specialized in neurology collaborate closely with radiologists so that the patient has easy access to a wide range of investigations. If, after the consultation, the patient requires a specialized imaging investigation, our radiologists can take it over. The presence of two complementary specialties within the same center guarantees to obtain a very precise diagnosis. The neurologist will discuss the case with the radiologist specialist, to have an overall picture and to be able to offer the best recommendations to the patients.

The neurologists at the MedicalES centers have extensive experience in the field, helping patients with a wide range of neurological conditions. Among them, one of the most reputable and distinguished presence is that of Professor Doctor Ana Câmpeanu, a neurology primary physician. With her 40 years of experience in the field, Prof. Dr. Câmpeanu is a perfect diagnostician, as well as a doctor who dedicated herself entirely to her vocation to help as many people as possible.

Professor Doctor Câmpeanu offers consultations at the MedicalES Izvor Clinic.

At the MedicalES Izvor headquarters, patients can benefit from specialized neurological consultations with Dr. Mirela Draghici and Dr. Chiricioaia Roxana. A consultant with skills in cerebral Doppler ultrasonography, electroencephalography, electromyography, and health services management, Dr. Mirela Draghici treats patients with professionalism and empathy.

Doctor Chiricioaia Roxana, the specialist in neurology, has a rich and diverse professional training, that she uses to provide quality treatment for patients. They find in Dr. Chiricioaia not only a professional doctor but also an empathetic person, with whom discussions flow easily and naturally.

In the Medical headquarters in Riverside 2, Dr. Mihalache Oana and Dr. Stuparu Alina offer neurological consultations.

Dr. Stuparu Alina is a consultant with skills in Electroencephalography, Cerebral Doppler Ultrasonography. Dr. Stuparu is a perfectionist for whom there are no half-measures. Patients know that once they enter the doctor’s office, they will find the answer to their questions, or they will be guided on the path to healing.

Doctor Mihalache Oana, a consultant neurologist, is dedicated to her profession and her patients. Dr. Mihalache pays special attention to details, always having the overall picture of the patient and the diagnosed pathology. With patience and calmness, Dr. Mihalache forms a bond with the patient, to whom she devotes all her attention and involvement.