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Complex services of radiodiagnosis and medical imaging
MRI, Computed Tomography, Osteodensitometry, Ultrasound and Endometriosis

About MedicalES

MedicalES centers offer complex radiodiagnostic and medical imaging services including MRI, Computerized Tomography, Osteodensitometry, and Ultrasound.

The clinics have a team made up of academics, primary care physicians, and specialists who offer highly professional services. The management team consists of a team with vast experience in management.

Due to the major investments in recent years, MedicalES clinics have the most efficient and newest medical imaging equipment, providing patients with 6 MRI machines and 2 Computer Tomography machines.

Our Locations

Riverside 2 

+40 755 060 991

Riverside 1

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+40 755 060 992

Burghele 1 (CT)

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Burghele 2 (RMN)

+40 755 060 999


MedicalES centers have been designed and decorated in such a way as to offer the patient an open, welcoming, and bright space. Everything was thought to increase the comfort of the patients, from the brightness to the images integrated into the ceiling. The entire architecture of the cabins was created especially for our clinics, being the first location in Bucharest that benefit from a personalized architecture centered on patient comfort.

In the Riverside 2 clinic, the Signa Pioneer Air Edition magnetic resonance device is equipped with one of the most flexible and lightweight antennas in the world, the Air Coil. It has a design that allows it to adapt to the human body like a comfortable blanket, considerably improving the patient’s comfort during the examination and, at the same time, obtaining a much better signal, respectively high-quality images, and reduced examination times.

High performance standard

MedicalES centers have the latest technologies in the field of magnetic resonance, offering the security of a diagnosis with the highest level of accuracy.

The MedicalES centers have the first magnetic resonance system in Romania that has image reconstruction technology using artificial intelligence – AIR Recon DL. This guarantees to obtain much clearer images in a shorter time, by comparison with classic image reconstruction technologies.

Exceptional image quality

The SIGNA Pioneer AIR Edition system allows acquisition without movement artifacts for the whole body, thus reducing the patient’s dose of stress.

Using the Dixon technique, available for the body, musculoskeletal, breast, and spine imaging, it is possible to acquire four different contrasts in a single scan, thus reducing the times required for examinations and, implicitly, the time the patient spends inside the magnetic resonance system.

Specially created software is used for scanning difficult regions, such as the neck and spine, where classic scanning techniques fail due to inhomogeneous magnetic fields.
High-quality images can be obtained when scanning soft tissues or bone tissues, even in the vicinity of implants compatible with the magnetic resonance system.

For brain examinations, the SIGNA™ Pioneer AIR™ Edition system uses artificial intelligence to prescribe the entire examination, thus guaranteeing the shortening of the examination time, the correctness of the image acquisition, the consistency of the results, and the correct repeatability of the examination.

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Quality medical services

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Our ultimate goal is to provide premium medical services to the patients who cross our threshold.

The medical needs of our patients are our main concern and the professionalism of the medical team within the MedicalES clinics is proof of our involvement.