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Burghele 2 (MRI) Clinic

Magnetic Resonance (MRI)

The MedicalES Burghele 2 Center (MRI) is located within the premises of Prof. Dr. Th. Burghele, where patients can perform Magnetic Resonance investigations. The Burghele 2 Clinic is equipped with the latest generation of General Electric SIGNA Explorer 1.5T equipment.

The SIGNA Explorer magnetic resonance system, produced by General Electric, sets new standards in medical imaging.
The homogeneity of the magnet and the advanced technologies available to the system offer the security of a quick examination, with the best quality clinical information, and ensure the total comfort of the patient. The GE Signa Explorer system, through the READY Brain option, offers the highest quality images in neurological studies.

Scanning difficult regions

Regarding the spine, the possibility of scanning an extended area and the movement correction techniques allow the acquisition of clear images, resistant to artifacts caused by the patient’s movement and the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. The machine is equipped with the IDEAL software, created especially for scanning difficult regions, such as the neck and spine, where classic scanning techniques fail due to inhomogeneous magnetic fields.


With the non-invasive CARTIGRAM technology, the equipment can evaluate the extracellular cartilage matrix. The equipment allows for obtaining clear images in musculoskeletal studies even when the patient is moving. Also, with the help of the advanced MAVRIC SL software, high-quality images are obtained when scanning soft tissues or bone tissues, even in the vicinity of implants compatible with the magnetic resonance system.

SIGNA Explorer

Due to the exceptional quality of the images, an improved workflow to reduce the scanning time, and the attention given to patient comfort, SIGNA Explorer offers the safety of a medical examination at the highest standards.


Sos. Panduri no. 20, Sector 5, Bucharest (inside the Th. Burghele Clinic)


Tel:031.426.03.14 / 031.426.03.15
Mobil: 0755.060.999
Fax: 031.426.03.16


122, 136, 226 – station „Spitalul Dr. Burghele”
385 – station „Soseaua Panduri”